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Jesse Edgar Photography

Oklahoma Photographer

Phone: (405) 326-4011

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My name is Jesse Edgar and I am a 39 year old Professional Oklahoma Photographer. In this new world of mass media consumption photographers and videographers are a dime a dozen. I have learned that in order to survive as a photographer you have to offer more than just the ability to snap a good photo. You have to offer the whole entire package while also being unique. I pride myself on being a professional. Not just at taking creative and engaging photos but also in my ability to communicate and work effeciently. You need someone you can count on. Somebody who is friendly and can get along with anybody and everybody. A person that you can trust to be told what to do and then simply go out and do it without any hand holding or a million questions while you are trying to enjoy your event. If you work with me you can be assured I won't be a weirdo at your event talking the ears off of your guests and causing awkwardness or tension. I am clean, quiet, unobtrusive, and try to do my job in the background unnoticed if at all possible. With all of that being said, I'm a very laid back and calm person. I'm a family man with the sweetest 4 and 7 year old daughters. They have taught me how to be patient and the incredibly unforgiving speed of time. In that they have taught me the value of memories and the importance of capturing them. I feel like this comes through strongly in my style of photography. I pride myself on my ability to capture unique moments in time instead of just simply taking a picture. I've been told I have an "Editorial Vibe". An ability to capture special and unique candid moments in any situation. I have a knack for producing colors and motion in a still photo that magnify the emotions and the complex story it can tell. I have the ability to work with lighting and depth to produce a human connection to a portrait of a loved one, a product that defines your brand, or the unique expression of a musical artist. I do consider myself a jack of all trades. I offer powerful portrait photography, clean and sharp headshot photography, emotionally captivating event photography, Mouthwatering food photography, eye catching product photography, expressive concert photography and anything and everything in between. Please feel free to text me at 405-326-4011. I'd love nothing more than to discuss your needs and get you the photos you need.

Jesse Edgar Oklahoma City Photographer
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